A well-designed backyard is one of the best places to be during the summer. Whether you are doing fun activities with the family, hosting a barbecue, or just enjoying nice alone time under the sun, it is important that you enjoy and admire your backyard. Many don’t realize that there are plenty DIY projects you can take to your backyard that are not only easy but can create a strong environment and add value to your home! The only problem is figuring out where to start. Lucky for you, you came to the right place. Let’s load up the truck and find the best ways to transform your backyard to the ultimate oasis.



Adding a pool can be a big job. Choosing an above ground pool versus a traditional pool can be a tough decision, and an expensive one. However, if you already have a pool, there are plenty of ideas that you can take to your pool to update it. If you think about it, we like to keep our bodies healthy and in shape to stay swimsuit ready, so it’s only fair that our pools get the same treatment before you or your guests dive in! A really popular add-on can be a self-working pool cleaner. This will help minimize your cleaning time and maximize your swimming time. To add some bonus points with the guests, look into adding a nice slide with your pool. Volleyball nets always tend to get the party started too! You can take it to a whole other level by adding a complimentary swim up bar, or some amazing water features. You will just have to find ways to fend off guests from always wanting to come over.

Patio pavers win

This is a great way to upgrade your patio without spending a fortune. While concrete slabs may cost a pretty penny, patio pavers will be less expensive and will be easier to replace. If a concrete slab is chipped or cracked, you have to invest in some of your hard-earned money just to replace it. With patio pavers, you can just swap out the damaged piece, or flip it over. Not to mention, all of the different types of patio pavers to choose from. It is no wonder people prefer this method over other alternatives.

Built in fire pits

Built in fire pits are one of the backyard’s greatest centerpieces. If done correctly, you can have people feeling comfortable and talking all night. It should also appeal to you that you can get some awesome return on investment with this move. Be sure to check what kind of fire pits your city will allow. If they don’t allow wood, just switch it up with a natural gas fire pit. This mixed with majestic pebbles on the top create such an amazing look, with far less smoke too! Some people enjoy the fire so much that they will integrate a brick pizza oven into their backyard. Nothing is better than relaxing in a backyard to some homemade, high quality pizza.


An integrated barbeque will light a fire to the party, and light a fire in buyer’s eyes. Having this already installed and integrated with your backyard is not only efficient, but it looks incredible to those who want it in their home. Also, mixing this with the pizza oven will have your place be the go to spot for any get togethers. Everyone loves a people pleaser! Once you finish the built-in barbeque, you can look into putting an awning above it so those who are cooking don’t get roasted on those hot summer days.

Get a garden going

Getting a garden up and running is such a neat and fun task. Imagine having all your veggies and fruits growing in one place while incorporating the theme of your backyard in it. There can be a mini DIY greenhouse and a little stepping stone path that will have everyone gushing over how adorable it is. Once you get all of your features implemented, add the cherry on top with an overlooking swinging chair. This will be your Zen spot that will allow you to feel peaceful after a long and hard day of work. You can also smile a bit bigger knowing that this will one day turn into a great investment.

Updated utility shed

Don’t let your shed turn into a place that all the spiders live in. Nobody likes being frightened to grab a necessary tool. Switch it up and update your shed to a more modern look. You can even make it easy on yourself by taking a wooden pallet, painting it a nice color, and putting it on the side of your shed. Not only will this add a rustic look, but it will add a place that you can put your go-to gardening or work tools. The ease of access will have you upgrading your backyard constantly! As for the inside of the shed, add some new lighting that spans the shed, and update the interior with stainless steel commodities or fresh paint. This needs to be a place you can access easily or else your chores will pile up! Sheds are also a great opportunity to add as a car port. This can protect a small car from the heat and weather the summer brings.


In the Phoenix heat, it can be tempting to load up and take a road trip to some place cooler, but with these updates, your backyard will become the oasis you never want to leave! Just keep in mind, all of these options are a major win, no matter how small. You win with family, friends, yourself, and money. If you need to do any big jobs, just make sure you consult with a professional beforehand. There is no use in doing a big project if you injure yourself. Good luck!